• Image of Dia de las Muertas

“After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.” -- J.K. Rowling

This melt is in celebration of Mexican Day of the Dead. The significance of this holiday is for prayer and remembrance of friends and family members who have passed on.

However, this scent is very lively. It contains sweet lime pastilles, uplifting neroli essential oil, and frankinsence.

Inspired by Lush Cosmetics Calacas.

I hope this scent makes you feel energized and appreciative of each day, while always loving and remembering those left behind.

This is an essential oil blend.

Colors may vary.

Optimally melted in a 20 watt or higher hot plate warmer, or a tea light warmer.
1/4 of a scent shot is the recommended amount to use per warmer at a time.

Wait at least two weeks (the longer the better) from the pour date to allow wax to cure.

Each scent shot contains 1.5-1.9 oz of wax. Price is for one wax melt.
Each mini loaf contains similar layers and embeds, and weights approximately 5 ounces.
Bakery bags are filled small shapes, weighing the amount indicated or more.