• Image of I'm Just Here for the Boos

Sweet cherries, juicy blackberries, and sumptuous merlot.

Bath and Body Works inspired

We all know the real reason adults attend a costume party on Halloween - the Boos!
You arrive and quickly find yourself with a glass of red wine. Swirl the wine in your glass; it will release a range of delightful aromas. Smell deeply and slowly; note its complexity, with big, bold tannins, dark fruits and dark spices. .

I hope this melt lifts your spirits with its sweetness.

Colors may vary.
Optimally melted in a 20 watt or higher hot plate warmer, or a tea light warmer.
Cut and use 1/4 of scent shot. Only use 1/3 or 1/2 if you have a hotter warmer.

Wait at least two weeks (the longer the better) from the pour date to allow wax to cure.

Each scent shot contains 1.5-1.9 oz of wax. Price is for one wax melt.