• Image of Toast Crunch Swirl

These cinnamon swirls are out of this world!

Comforting cinnamon and malty cereal.

Just getting a whiff of cinnamon instantly evokes comforting, cozy feelings. Combine that with the nostalgiac scent of cereal, this melt is sure to warm up your home. I hope this scent is just as satisfying as the cereal!

Colors may vary.

Optimally melted in a 20 watt or higher hot plate warmer, or a tea light warmer.
Cut and use 1/4 of scent shot, 1/3 or 1/2 only if you have a much hotter wattage warmer.

Wait at least two weeks (the longer the better) from the pour date to allow wax to cure.

Each scent shot contains 1.5-1.9 oz of wax. Price is for one wax melt.